About Verdant Leaf Farms

We believe only the best organic and sustainable farming practices.


All of Verdant Leaf Farms flower is Certified Kind, which means we care about using sustainable farming practices with low environmental impact. We cultivate our craft cannabis without the use of pesticides or synthetics. Our plants are grown in organic soil just as nature intended. Verdant Leaf Farms is committed to the sustainable cultivation standards from Certified Kind to ensure we are producing the cleanest and best cannabis possible.

From start to finish, all of Verdant Leaf Farms cannabis is grown with natural amendments. We believe in growing our plants in living soil. We brew our own compost teas to help our soil process and pass along organic nutrients. Our lighting system is 100% LED with a perfect spectrum of light that allows the plants to flourish and grow to their full potential. We recycle and reclaim our water through a unique collection and filtration process. This allows us to reduce waste and runoff that can adversely impact our environment. We work with nature, not against it.

ver·dant ˈvərdnt/
(of countryside) green with grass or other rich vegetation.
synonyms: green, leafy, grassy; More of the bright green color of lush grass. “a deep, verdant green”